Chesil Beach & the Fleet, Dorset

Chesil Beach & the Fleet, Dorset
Chesil Beach & the Fleet, Dorset

Monday, 22 July 2013

Latest trip - short weekend in Cornwall

Click on the Cornwall page to see the latest pictures..................

There's some pictures of familiar places, and one or two places we'd not been to before

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Site updates

Just come back from a Northern tour, so I've updated the pages on Scotland and Yorkshire, and added a short item on the Lake District. Enjoy!

I've also added some new pictures to the page for London

The Lake District - like Snowdonia, with bigger puddles

It's not surprising that the Lake District has inspired so many painters, poets and authors. The scenery is magnificent, with its soaring mountains framing spectacular lakes. It's only spoilt by the sheer number of tourists during the Summer season.
Sadly, this trip, I didn't have much time to explore or to take pictures, but I've promised myself a trip back there out of the tourist season, when I can explore to my heart's content.
Meanwhile, here's a taster (but not as tasty as the damson and ginger icecream I had in Bowness!)

Windermere - the largest lake