Chesil Beach & the Fleet, Dorset

Chesil Beach & the Fleet, Dorset
Chesil Beach & the Fleet, Dorset

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


So, here we are, the start of another touring year. I promise to not be ill this year, and to fulfill all the trips I've got planned.
So, what lies in store this year?
Well, so far, in May I'm off to Somerset and the North Devon/Exmoor area. July will see me in Northumbria and North Yorkshire, and September it will be back to the beautiful landscapes of Wales. There's still so much I haven't had time to see there yet.

That's what's planned so far. Of course, there will be other breaks, I'm sure. I'm hoping to fit in some time in Suffolk, and there will be a winter city break to decide upon later.

I also promise to show you some of my home county of Kent. I really have neglected it so far. Problem is, I know it so well, I tend to go out and forget to take my camera with me. Pretty much the same can be said for its' neighbouring counties of Sussex and Surrey. They're just day rides out for me.

New to this blog, is a page dedicated to the various hotels and pubs I stay in on my travels. And it's not just a page of praise either. I've not been ashamed to tell it like it was, and if that puts people off, then so be it. You can be very careful when searching the internet for locations, but at the end of the day, you have to rely on other people's web-sites being accurate, up-to-date, and honest.


  1. Sue,

    You need to give some details of the rides in the south. Since getting my pan I have been north east and very west but not very south so a few good roads and cafe would be good to have to put into the sat Nav....Plus I still have a fancy for a quick nip over(or under) the water to the continent so it could be a good stop off


  2. Remiss of me Nev, I've only just spotted this. So sorry. Let me know when you're thinking of heading this way, and I'll sort some rides for you etc.