Chesil Beach & the Fleet, Dorset

Chesil Beach & the Fleet, Dorset
Chesil Beach & the Fleet, Dorset

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Losar for the Year of the Female Water Serpent!

Yep, it's 2013

Apparently the Year of the Female Water Serpent is fortuitous for adventurous females, and I certainly aim to be one this year!
So, what have I got planned so far? Well, the day after the May Day bank holiday, I shall be off to Derbyshire and the Peak District for a few days. There's still so many places I haven't visited there, I thought it was time to pay it another visit. Will be staying at a different place this time, though.
There was nothing intrinsically wrong with the one I stayed in last time, but I felt I could probably do a little better. We shall see.
When I booked a room at the pub I want to stay in, the landlady kindly warned me that the locals were a bit odd, but quite harmless. She hasn't met me yet...........
June will see us heading North, as usual. This time, it will be a week in the Lake District - with a detour to the Scottish Borders, (Moffat and Samye Ling), followed by our customary week in Harrogate and lots of riding pleasure round the Dales and the North Yorks Moor.)
In July, we're taking a long weekend in Cornwall, staying in Bodmin. That's more or less central, and gives us easy access to all the pretty coastal places.
The End of August will see me making my annual pilgrimage to North Wales, replete with new camera to photograph all the things I spotted last year, and couldn't snap, because my old camera failed me.
To round off the year, our pre-Christams long weekend will probably be Birmingham. After a few years of going to other cities, it's high time we paid it another visit. I've missed not giving Brasso a pat and a rub on his nose for luck! (that's the big bronze bull in the Bull Ring)
Weather permitting, I shall try and squeeze in lots of day trips, to make up for not having featured Kent and Sussex much on this blog!

So much to see, so little time..................................